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British Citizenship Applications

British citizenship | Naturalisation | British Nationality gives rights to a person to live and work in the UK permanently, this stay in UK is without any immigration restrictions.

As British Citizenship | Naturalisation | British Nationality is the final stage of someone’s immigration history after obtaining the indefinite leave to remain . However there are different forms of British nationality. Most common form of obtaining British Citizenship for adults is through Naturalization. If you have been granted indefinite leave to remain/permanent residence/Settled Status in UK and you are at least 18 years old , you can apply for British Citizenship by Naturalisation. But to obtain British citizenship you have to meet the other eligibility requirements too.

To become eligible to apply for British Citizenship by Naturalisation, you have to acquired Indefinite leave to remain in the UK at least 12 month before the application process.

Our Immigration lawyer in Bolton can assist you throughout the process and minimise the risks of refusal so you can obtain your British Nationality without the fear of losing your money.

Rights of British Citizen

After obtaining the British Citizenship. A person is completely free to live and work in UK without any restrictions. He can also live outside the UK without any time restrictions.

All the British Citizens have right of Abode. And a British National can apply for a British Passport and travel many countries without Visa. He will receive the full rights and duties of a British Citizen just like other British born in UK.

He Can pass his Citizenship to his Children and His children can be “British by Birth” even if they born outside the UK. His Citizenship can also pass to his grandchildren if they born in UK.

For someone who has just naturalised as British Citizen. It will not make any difference for their own life. whether they are British by descent or otherwise than by descent. Outcome of Naturalisation is a status of British Citizen otherwise than by descent.

The difference is that if he can pass British citizenship to his children or not. Many of us, especially those British by birth, assume that parents can automatically pass on their nationality to their children.

British ‘otherwise than by descent

This means the British National can pass their British Nationality to children born either in the UK or abroad. The second form is ‘British by descent’.

British by descent

Being British by descent means one can pass their British Citizenship only to children born in the UK but not to children born abroad.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


You can apply for British citizenship on the base of your circumstances.

British Citizenship by Birth

A child can get British Citizenship by Birth, if at the time of your birth one of your parent is a British Citizen or have indefinite leave to remain. In that case child will be automatically a British Citizen and he can apply for British Passport straight away. This can be possible if the parent is eligible to pass his/her British Nationality to child. In case of Indefinite leave to remain, status must not be revoked by any reason.

If any of the child’s parent was not British Citizen or had indefinite leave to remain before the birth of the child, the child is not automatically British National even if he born in UK. Child’s status will depends on parents’ circumstances. He can registered as British Citizen as soon as he is eligible. You should check if you are a British citizen.


All the children under 18 years old can apply for fee waiver application for their British Citizenship if they meet the eligibility requirements. If their application for fee waiver approved, they can apply for British Citizenship free of cost.

British Citizenship | Naturalisation by Marriage

To apply for British citizenship by marriage you must be living in the UK from the last 3 years. And you have married to a UK citizen.

You also have one of the following statuses:

  • You have acquired status of indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
  • You have settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme

In these days, in most of the cases a person can obtain indefinite leave to remain or settled status after 5 years so the time scale for obtaining the British Citizenship will be 5 years.

Other ways you can be eligible

You can apply for citizenship if:

  • you will be eligible if you have a British parent
  • you have acquired an another type of British nationality
  • One of your parent is with British overseas territories citizenship
  • You can apply if you’re stateless

You have previously gave up for your citizenship


British Citizenship / British Nationality Eligibility Requirements

According to British Nationality have to meet the following eligibility requirements to apply the Naturalisation.

1) Must be over 18 years old

2) Have got Indefinite leave to remain at least 12 months before this application.

3) Must meet the English Language and Life in UK Requirement unless he is Exempt.

4) Must meet the Residence Requirement

5) Must meet the Good Character Requirement

British Citizenship | Naturalisation Application FAQs


How much is the British Citizenship fee?

Home office fee for British Citizenship | Naturalisation fee is £1330. This fee includes the £80 fee of Citizenship Ceremony.

What is the current waiting time for British Citizenship?

British Citizenship Applications can take from 1-6 months after biometrics. It varies case to case. Most of applications get decisions within 3 months after biometric appointments.

What are the main reasons of refusals?

Most common reasons of refusal of British Citizenship | Naturalisation are

  • Not meeting the eligibility requirements
  • Not submitting the required documents
  • Not meeting the Good Character requirement
  • Not meeting the Residence requirements
  • Not disclosing the necessary information

Which Professionals you can choose for your Immigration Applications?

If you need any immigration advice regarding your immigration matter, must ensure they are fully qualified to offer you the best advice on your situation. You can choose one of the following

Immigration Advisor / Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Solicitor

OISC Regulates immigration Advisors and make sure that they meet certain standards.

Why Choose our Immigration Lawyer for your British Citizenship/Nationality Application?

Our immigration Lawyer in Bolton will remove the stress of the immigration process and will increase the chances for getting your desirable results.

Getting British Citizenship is a complicated process and it Citizenship fee in 2022 is £1330. It is always a good idea to get advice from an immigration Lawyer to avoid refusals. Specially if you are confused about the Good Character requirement.

In case of refusal of British Nationality, you will lose your Home Office fee of British Citizenship. There isn’t any right of Appeal or Administrative review on this refusal. In very rare cases you can apply for reconsideration of the Citizenship Application if you meet the eligibility requirements of Reconsideration Application.