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Apply For British NaturalisationApply For British Naturalisation.

There are two main ways to apply for British citizenship by naturalisation

  • You can make an application by yourself
  • You can use an agent or representative to get help for application

Naturalisation is a legal process. In this process someone can changes his nationality. However British naturalization is successful for those who are officially considered as British citizens internationally. Evidently he is having all the same rights which are for anyone who is born in UK both nationally and internationally.

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Apply For British Naturalisation

For a long time, people who were living in the UK with foreign citizenship they were not been able to apply for British national through naturalisation. For example, in past 1844, an official and private act of parliament only granted the UK naturalisation to a person. From 1844, the costs of naturalisation decreased, it started to be handled by the Home Office itself.

What Is British Naturalisation?

British naturalisation is actually a process in which people with foreign citizenship can to apply to become a British citizen. After getting the British naturalisation status a person can enjoy the same rights as someone who is born in UK enjoys. In this status you can live and work in UK freely without any kind of immigration control or immigration laws. However many people come in UK with the plan that they will settle as a citizen of the UK. Their Final step of this journey is to get UK naturalisation.

Accordingly there are some requirements which have to be fulfilled to apply for British naturalisation. Along with these certain criteria or requirements, a person have to show certain characteristics which prove that he is an appropriate candidate for getting a British naturalisation, which might include:

  • You have to pass the Life in the UK test –

    Home Office takes this official government test. This test actually show that how much you have understanding of British culture, customs and tradition.

  • Second requirement is to prove that you have written proficiency in a language which is recognized in British –

    You may have to take language test which is called IELTS to prove your proficiency ( Indeed you can be illegible if you can speak, write and read English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic any of these languages.

  • You have to prove ‘good character’ –

    You have to prove that there is no criminal record regarding to your character. If there is any prove that you have criminal record, you may be in problem for UK naturalisation application.

UK Naturalization

Apply For British Naturalisation

Requirements of British naturalisation

According to the British Nationality Act 1981 the full mandatory British naturalisation eligibility requirements are as following

  • Firstly for British naturalisation, your age should be 18 or over.
  • Secondly your mental capacity should be high.
  • British naturalisation is known as the ‘five-year route’. The ‘five-year route’ means that you are living in the UK from at least five years.
  • In this five year period you cannot stay outside the UK more than 450 days. Before applying for naturalisation you have not to go outside the UK more than 90 in the 12 months leading up to your application.
  • If you are married to a full British national, and want to apply for British naturalisation by marriage than you have to live in UK for three years. In this three year period you have not spent more than 270 days outside the UK.
  • Before applying for the naturalisation application you have held the right of Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) for at least 1 year. Moreover you have to free fully from immigration restrictions of the UK. And before applying for the citizenship application, you have to prove that you have settled status of the UK for at least 1 year before. This settled status is mostly achieved by Indefinite Leave to Remain, but it also depends on your nationality.
  • Specially you have never violated any UK immigration rules previously.
  • Surely you have a ‘good character’.
  • You might be eligible for naturalisation if you want to live and work overseas for either the UK government or a British business.
  • Furthermore language requirement should be fulfilled for naturalisation application.
  • Finally you have to pass the Life in the UK Test, which will prove that you have sufficient and appropriate knowledge about the British culture, tradition and customs.

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