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Apply For British Visa

Want to study in the UK

If you want to study in UK, you need to identify which type of course, course length and place of the institute. Study visa type is depending on these conditions.

Short-term study visa If you want to do an English language course  in UK than you need to apply for short-tern study Visa. This visa allows you to stay in UK 6 to 11 months.

Student visa This type of visa is usually for a longer course. For long course you must have a place for course and have to be sponsored by a licensed college or university. While you have student visa status you will be able to do some work in UK along with the study.

Child Student visa This type of visa is for the kids of age 4 to 17 years who want to study in UK at an independent school. In this visa you are allowed to work if your age is over 16 years.

Standard Visitor visa This visa allows you to stay in UK for 6 months for a short course which should be completed within 6 months.

Apply For British Visa

Apply For British Visa

To apply for British Visa, you need an immigration lawyer or solicitor who can guide you. You need to hire an immigration lawyer who is educated enough that he/she can provide expert advice. Staf H Immigration lawyer is expert to apply for British Visa. Staf H Immigration lawyer is regulated by the Office of immigration service commissioner.

Before applying for British Visa you need to know the reason for UK visa. Visa type is based on the requirements of a person who want a British visa. How long you want to stay in UK and why do you want to come to UK. There are main three types of British visa for which you can apply according to your need.

  • Study in UK
  • Visit  or want to join your family member in the UK
  • Work in UK
  • Marriage Visa

Want to visit the UK

If you are interested to visit UK for one of the following reasons than you can apply for a Standard Visitor visa for UK up to 6 months.

Want to study a short course in UK
Want to meet someone in UK or for a holiday
Want to attend a business meeting or for business trip

If you are in plan to get marriage in UK with a person who is UK settled or British naturalized you must apply for a Marriage Visitor visa or spouse visa.

Want to work in the UK

You can apply for British Visa  for work purpose. You can work in the UK on a short or long-term basis. Work Visa depends on the following:

  • Work Visa can be applied on the skills and qualifications basis
  • Work Visa can be applied when you have a job offer and sponsorship
  • Visa can be applied to bring family in the UK
  • Your interest – like sporting, charitable or religious work

You can use Start-up visa or an Innovator visa to set up business in the UK.

Want to join family member in the UK

You can apply for British Visa to join a family member in UK. If you are a family member or spouse partner of someone who has British citizenship or settled in the UK, than you can apply for a visa named as family visa.

Apply For British Visa

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