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Spouse Visa Lawyer In Bolton

Our Spouse Visa Lawyer in Bolton provides expert and dedicated assistance on affordable free. Contact our Partner visa lawyer in Bolton for free initial guidance.

Basically  UK Spouse Visa means non-UK nationality holder joins to a partner who is in the UK. Your spouse or partner must be either a British citizen or a UK settled person. Our Spouse Visa Lawyer in Bolton is expert in UK Partner Visa. There are many satisfied clients. Our experienced Spouse visa Lawyer or marriage visa lawyer guided them for successful process.

A UK Partner Visa or UK Marriage Visa allows you to live with up to 30 your months with your British partner in the UK.

If you prove that you meet certain eligibility conditions, after that you can extend Spouse visa again for next 30 months. The first step for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and, eventually, British Citizenship is to get partner or UK spouse visa.

To apply for a UK Marriage Visa and enter the UK, firstly you have proven that you are married with a British citizen, UK settled person or UK refugee.

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For initial free guidance contact our Immigration lawyer for professional advice on your Marriage Visa case, how to enter and stay in UK accordingly to your situation. Moreover our Spouse visa Lawyer fee is comparatively very low.

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Who can apply for Spouse Visa?

If you are a British Citizen, Refugee or humanitarian protection, EEA National with Pre Settled or Settled Status, have Indefinite Leave to Remain eventually your partner can apply to join you in UK on a Settlement Visa of 30 months.
This is a Settlement Visa which leads to Indefinite leave to remain after 5 or 10 years certainly depends on the eligibility requirements.
Applicant will have right to live and work in UK but he can’t claim most of the benefits until he gets Indefinite Leave to remain.

As we know that the legal requirements are complex for a UK spouse visa for that reason we strongly recommend you to take good legal advice from an expert spouse visa lawyer. An expert immigration lawyer surely increase the success rate.

Spouse Visa required documents

Following are the required documents for UK spouse visa or marriage visa. Following Documents you have to send to the Home Office to get the right to live in the UK:

  • Original marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • A valid passport to get UK Spouse Visa
  • A valid certificate of English language
  • Proof of your accommodation
  • Proof that the your relationship is genuine
  • Proof that you meet financial requirement and the income threshold.
  • Proof that you are married to a British citizen or UK settled person

Please note that if any document is not in English need to be accompanied by a translated version from a professional translator. All required evidence must be in the exact format which is required by the Home Office otherwise you may face problems.

Cost of UK Spouse Visa application

Basically  fee of the UK spouse visa is £1,523 for any application which is being submitted from abroad. But if you are submitting your application for Marriage Visa or spouse visa within the UK then the cost is will be £1,033.

What is the Financial Requirement for Spouse Visa UK?

You have to prove that you and your partner have enough money to support yourselves without claiming public funds. To meet this criterion, UK Spouse has to prove that he is earning at least £18600 per year before tax.

This amount will be increased if you want to make an application for any dependent. For the first dependent £3800 and from 2nd to onward £2400 per applicant will be increased to the financial requirement.

Spouse Visa

How much does a Spouse visa lawyer in Bolton cost ?

The price range for Spouse visa lawyer in Bolton can depend on the complexity of your case. And it can also depend on the legal professional or firm you contact.

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Extend UK Spouse Visa

You can apply to extend your UK Marriage Visa for another 2 years and 6 months. This application should be submitted before your current Marriage visa expired.

After living in the UK for 5 years, eventually you can apply for settled status (ILR). For more guidance and help get in touch with our lawyer if you want to apply for a UK Spouse Visa renewal. Our immigration lawyer is expert obviously our lawyer will get fast successful results.

Partner Visa process duration?

Basically it takes almost 12 weeks for a Spouse Visa case to be processed.

The Partner Visa or Spouse visa processing time can vary depending on the documents you have provided and the country from where the application is submitted. Our Immigration lawyer can guide you for quick process.

Can I apply for Spouse visa if I don’t meet the Financial Requirement?

Yes, In some cases you can apply for a spouse visa even if you don’t meet the financial requirement. If you are getting some specific Benefits i.e.
Disability Living Allowance
Severe Disablement Allowance
Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit
Attendance Allowance
Career’s Allowance
Personal Independence Payment
Armed Forces Independence Payment or Guaranteed Income Payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
Constant Attendance Allowance, Mobility Supplement or War Disablement Pension under the War Pensions Scheme.
Hence you can apply for entry clearance or extension as a Spouse Visa without meeting the financial requirement. In this situation you just need to meet the Adequate maintenance.

Our Spouse Visa Lawyer in Bolton is in the best possible position to help you, and will know exactly how to assist you with your immigration issue. Our Immigration lawyer will pursue every route possible to achieve the outcome that you are after.

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