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Switching visas within the UK is a process. In this process an applicant with one type of visa or immigration status in the UK. He can applies for another type of visa from inside the UK to seek stay under some other visa category. You might be able to apply to switch to a Skilled Worker visa or business visa if you’re already in the UK and having a different type of visa.

Sometime people came to the UK for one reason. But after some time they change their plans and want to stay in UK with the new purpose. This may be happens like from a student to a worker status. A worker may plan to a spouse visa or parent type visa, or any other combination. In the past, there were many restrictions. These restriction were  related to the immigration.  These restrictions were about switching visa to another visa. But these restrictions are relaxed and it is easier to change the type of visa.

If you are not allowed by the Immigration Rules to switch your visa status from one visa category to the other, the application you make for variation of leave to remain may not succeed. It is therefore important to understand the switching rules to switch from one visa category to the other from inside the UK.

You can apply to change or switch to a Skilled Worker visa if you’re already in the UK with some other type of visa.

Your partner or children who is with you in UK will need to apply separately to switch their visa also. They can either apply at the same time when you are applying , or at any other time before their current visa expires.

Can I switch my visa in UK?

If you want to switch your visa type while you are in UK, you should check are you eligible for visa switching. For this you should contact an expert immigration lawyer. Immigration adviser should be educated enough that he can guide you properly.

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How to switch visa within UK?

The process of UK visa switching depends on which type of visa you are applying for. For example, if you want to change visa type to a UK work visa. You have to secure a job offer in UK and have a Sponsorship Certificate. Switching to a UK business visa. You have to get an endorsement from endorsing body who is approved. Once you have the required documents, after that these main steps you have to complete to switch a visa:

  • First of all complete and submit the application form relevant to your visa type.
  • Pay visa associated costs and the application fee (like immigration healthcare surcharge)
  • To get your biometrics you have to arrange an appointment with a UKVCAS service point.
  • Upload all the required documents to support your application.
  • Attend your biometric appointment with a UKVCAS service point to get your biometrics.

Switching Visa Fees

A person who is applying to switch the visa will need to pay:

  • The fee for the visa application
  • The surcharge for healthcare each year of their stay in the UK
  • If your stay in the UK is less than one year, then you have to prove that you have enough money that you can support yourself in UK stay.