Registeration of British Citizenship of Children

Registeration of British citizenship of children
Children who were born in the UK from non-British nationals will be entitled to register for citizenship as soon as their parents acquire ILR or Settlement Status. On the other hand, children of non-British parents who are already settled in the UK will automatically obtain nationality at birth. Children under the age of 18 can acquire or register for British citizenship providing that:
⦁ Both parents have lived in the UK for three years on the date that the application is submitted.
⦁ Both parents sign and consent to the application.
⦁ If the child is aged ten or older, he or she must be of good character.
If both parents were born in the UK, the child will automatically acquire citizenship status. Differently, if the parents are both British nationals but were born abroad, children will need to be registered for nationality. The same applies to children born abroad who were adopted by British parents.