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UK FIANCE VISA / Family Permit

The UK FIANCE VISA / Family Permit permits a person to make an application to join there settled partner in the UK with the intention of getting married. Fiance visas are issued for a period of six months and are awarded solely for the purpose of travelling to Britain in order to get married. Only after marriage may the applicant apply to stay in the country beyond the six-month period, at which time a 2.5 year UK visa extension may be issued called a Marriage Visa or Further Leave to Remain (FLR). After another extension has passed the visa holder can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), requirements
⦁Plan to marry within six months
⦁ Meet the financial requirements as set out for the spouse visa i.e. earn £18,600 +
⦁ Plan to live together permanently after they are married
⦁ Have met each other
⦁ Have a place to reside for the applicant and any dependants to live until they are married without help from public funds.
⦁ The accommodation must be suitable and not create overcrowding
⦁ Be able to support any dependants receiving help from public funds