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Apply For UK Student Visa

Apply For UK Student Visa

Apply For UK Student Visa

For study in UK, you need to know whether you need UK Study Visa.  How to apply for UK Study visa?  What are the requirements for UK Study Visa?

For this all information you need an immigration lawyer who will guide you for the whole process of application. UK Visas and Immigration are managing all the criteria for immigration and UK Visa requirements. To get the UK Visa, you need an expert immigration lawyer. Explicitly Staf H Immigration Lawyer is educated and expert Immigration lawyer in Bolton. However our organization is regulated by the Office of Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC). Surely our Immigration Lawyer can guide you.

People from EU/EEA states and Swiss nationals are not required UK Study Visa for study in UK. While all other nationality holders need a visa for study in the UK.

UK Study Visa Types

  • Student Visa
  • Child Student Visa
  • Graduate Visa

Important Information for Student Visa Applications in 2021

The government of the UK is introducing a new system of immigration. At the end of December 2020 it will come into effect. According to that system if you are a Swiss national or an EEA, you will need UK study visa, but if you hold Pre-Settled or Settled Status for the UK then you need to make an application under the EU settlement scheme. Explicitly our immigration lawyer will help you to get UK study visa.

To get guidance regarding to the new system, contact to our immigration lawyer in Bolton for advice on the new immigration rules.  Presently our Immigration Lawyer in Bolton is easily accessible on WhatsApp. Surprisingly we will provide you free consultation.

Extend Student visa

If you want to extend UK Student visa to stay longer in UK and want to continue your study or a new course. Hence our immigration lawyer can help you in this process and guide you the requirements.

Requirements to extend UK study visa:

  • Firstly to extend study visa you have to be in the UK on a Student visa or a Tier 4 (General) student visa.
  • You have a place of an unconditional course offer with a licensed student sponsor. However education provider provides reference number (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)) as prove.
  • For extending study visa, you have to show that your future studies are at a higher academic level than your current course (academic progress requirement).
  • If you’ve a valid visa and you are in the UK for less than 12 months, then you need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself in the UK.
  • If you have a partner or children with you, they will also apply separately to extend their visa. You and your partner can either apply at the same time, or at any other time but before their current visa expires.
  • If you want to extend your visa to a Graduate visa to stay in the UK for at least 2 years when you successfully complete your course.

UK student visa fees

Accordingly if you apply for a student visa from outside the UK, currently fee is £348 and if you want to extend or want to switch to a student visa from inside the UK then fee will be £475. However these fee changes time to time. Furthermore this fee will be charged against each person that joins you in the UK. Likewise healthcare surcharges also have to pay.

Markedly our immigration Lawyer will help you for all types of student visas. Hence they will guide you about the documents you will need to provide to make the application. Surprisingly our immigration lawyer is expert in preparing and submitting Student visa applications. Furthermore we will guide you in all the stages of applying student visa from start to finish.

UK Student Visa Requirements


Once you have been offered a place on a course, your course provider or institute where you are going to study may be willing to help you in the process of applying for a UK student visa. However you can start the process of applying for the visa up to three months before of the start date of your course. Furthermore the average visa processing times for every country is different, and make sure of plenty of time.

Points-based system is being used for UK student visas. You need to provide all these, in order to meet UK student visa requirements:


  • Your passport details
  • Your recent photograph
  • An unconditional offer of a place on a course which is offered by a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor, after evidenced by a ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies’ (CAS) form from your course provider (worth 30 points)
  • You have to provide a proof of adequate English language skills (, by passing one of the secure English language tests (SELT). This proof is not required if you’re from an English-speaking country like United States or you have completed a qualification which is equivalent to a UK.
  • Proof that you have a financial support for your complete stay in the UK (worth 10 points)
  • You may also need an ATAS certificate if you want to study a sensitive subject and you belong to the non-EU/EEA/Swiss student.

Our immigration lawyer is in the best possible position to help you, and will know exactly how to assist you with your immigration issue. Surely our immigration lawyer will pursue every route possible to achieve the outcome that you are after.

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