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Apply For UK Passport After Naturalisation

Apply For UK Passport After Naturalisation

British passport means your status is as a British national. You can apply for a British Passport when you are at last step of your UK citizenship process. British passport is proving that your status is as a British national.

Staf H Immigration Lawyer is expert and can guide you all the steps of British nationality. Moreover our lawyer will complete your application for British passport.

Furthermore a passport is a document which is used for traveling. Passport allows a person to enter and leave the country freely. Accordingly to access benefits and services you can use your passport as your identity. It also represents that you have right to work, study and live permanently in the UK.

Certainly our immigration lawyer in Bolton can help you in the whole process of submitting your form or application for a British passport.

Apply for a British Passport

These methods can be used to apply for British passport:

  • You can apply online. Applying online for British passport is the cheapest and easiest way.
  • You can apply through Post Office Check & Send Service. You have to pay an extra fee for this service. In this service your local Post Office will keep check of your bundle of documents, they will responsible to send your application to HM Passport Office by Special Delivery.
  • You can apply through Post. In this case you will responsible for checking and sending your documents along with your application to the UKVI. You have to attach the correct postage to your envelope.
  • You can apply by appointment. In this way for appointment the 1-day Premium and 1-week Fast Track services are only available.

However applying from abroad procedure will be different. Hence this procedure will depend on the rules of that country from where you are applying.

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Documents required for UK Passport

Firstly in UK Passport application submission, your original documents are required. Furthermore photocopies of your documents are not accepted, an official copy of the evidence can be provided in case that you are not able to gather the original.

Hence the documents which are required to apply for first British passport:

  • Birth certificate or adoption certificate (born in the UK before January 1983)
  • One of your parents’ immigration status as an evidence (born in the UK after January 1983)
  • Supporting documents
  • If you were born abroad then you have to provide certificate or registration or naturalization.
  • A person who can confirm your identity (this is in case if you are applying with a paper form)

Apply For UK Passport After Naturalisation

Important points for British passport application

However you have to complete your form fully and correctly to avoid any delay in your application. While filling the form have to keep in mind the following points:

  • The name should be same on all the documents and on your passport.
  • In case you have changed your name than on application you must use your new name.
  • You have to list all old names.
  • You have to provide the details of any previous UK passport.
  • For adult age passport your age should be above 18 years.
  • An adult British passport expires after 10 years from the issue date.
  • Your child passport can be used until it expires even your age cross 18.

UK Passport fees

In this case British passport fee varies depending on the type of application and from where you are submitting.

The fee will be as follows if you apply from the UK:

  • Online applications: £75.50
  • Paper applications: £85

Indeed our immigration lawyer is in the best possible position to help you, and will know exactly how to assist you with your immigration issue. Moreover our British Passport expert will pursue every route possible to achieve the outcome that you are after.

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